Sterling Chesterfield

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Sterling Chesterfield   |   Male   |   Mixed breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered to Zoe's at a very early age (5 weeks old) from a kind lady in a rural community. I was malnourished and full of scabs, but the kind people from Zoe's bottle fed me and cared for me. Now I am looking for my furever family!

Date of Birth: April 2017

Energy Level: Medium but has high excitability

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I like other dogs and am learning proper doggie etiquette!
Good with Cats? Unknown
I'm young so my foster mama thinks I could learn to be with cats!
Good with Kids? Yes
I am too mouthy for small kids, but would be okay with older children who are dog savvy!

Critter Twitter:

My foster mama says I am a bit mouthy (as all puppies are!) but they are working with me on this. Don't let my adorable looks fool you, though. I'm a very smart boy and a fast learner. I like to cuddle, sometimes right beside you or sometimes I'll climb into your lap (which I guess I'm getting kinda too big for now!) I love giving kisses, which are often very slobbery, ha ha! I like to follow you around the house, and I can be vocal if left alone for too long. I am usually fine if I am tired and left with some enrichment toys like the ones you can stuff treats or food. Bones and puzzle toys are good, too! I need someone who is home a lot as I really love being with my people. Another balanced doggy sibling to keep me company would work as well. I am good in the car and am happy to be your co-pilot! Greeting people is so much fun, but I can be a bit cautious sometimes and will bark at newcomers first. I am pretty good on the leash, not much of a puller, but I do like to stop and smell the roses sometimes. I will bark at random people and dogs, so continued training with this is necessary. I'll get better as I gain confidence. I am very good off leash, I don't stray far. I come when I'm called (most of the time!) My Foster Mom says I am very sweet, but very stubborn; true to my bully breed. Would you like to meet me? Apply today! #morethanjustaprettyface #smartypants

About my Behaviour:

I am best suited to an experienced dog owner. Since I have power breeds in me and I was taken away from my mama at a young age, mandatory force free training will be required. Another balanced dog who still wants to play but has good manners would also be ideal for me so I can learn from them. Puppy classes are also mandatory. I do need a yard with a fence as I really enjoy being outside! I have some issues with resource guarding, but am improving daily with this. I am respectful of adult dogs, but can be very pushy with puppies. I also guard my food from people, it has gone from a growl to now mostly signs of being uncomfortable with you being near, such as freezing or giving you the whale eye when you go to grab a bone from me. I will need continued work with this. I am very excitable, which gets me into trouble sometimes. I need to be taught to have an off switch! I am very smart and will need lots of mental stimulation from my new owners.

How’s my Health?

l am neutered, dewormed and vaccinated to date.

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