Prince William

Adoption Pending

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Prince William   |   Male   |   Mastiff X   |   Special Needs

Rescue Story:

I was adopted out a while ago, but one of the children in my family became very allergic, so now I'm looking for a home again.

Date of Birth: 2011

Energy Level: Low

Size (adult): 100 lbs

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
The other dogs in my foster home keep me active which helps with my pain issues, so I need a home with another dog.
Good with Cats? Yes

Good with Kids? Yes
I used to live with kids. I think they're great.

Critter Twitter:

Hey all! Big Willie here! Just waiting for my forever home. These foster people are pretty great. They have two lady dogs and I will admit, having two lady friends to hang out with is pretty awesome, I mean, what handsome young lad doesn't like a lady on each paw? I make sure to keep the yard safe for my ladies... and safe means squirrel free. I'm very good at it! This means my ladies and my humans and I can hang out in the squirrel-free yard - my favourite thing to do!

About my Behaviour:

I'm a cuddly gentle giant who gets along with everyone. Playing with the other dogs in my home has made my stiffness and pain issues greatly decrease, so I need a home with a doggy playmate. I love walks, but can't go for very long. I love to be outside.

How’s my Health?

I had an injury on one of my hind legs that healed poorly, so I can't go for long walks. I can also get a stiff neck, and need to have my food and water elevated. I take glucosamine every day, which makes my joints feel better. I visit the chiropractor once a month to manage my pain. I also appreciate hip and neck massages. I am neutered and up to date on vaccinations.

I am part of the Zoe's Co-pilot program, which means that Zoe's will cover the cost of one vet exam every second month for the first year after I'm adopted.

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