Winston Churchill


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Winston Churchill   |   Male   |   French Bulldog X   |  

Rescue Story:

*April 2018 UPDATE* My story is a sad one. I was badly handled and treated in the year and half before I came to Zoes. Aversive and abusive techniques were used to keep me quiet and try to teach me to behave. Once I was punched in the head as punishment for growling. I was hauled off my feet and hung by my leash to make me heel. So my fear and distrust is deep and well earned. HOWEVER, I have come a very long way since being with my wonderful fosters at Zoes and I am getting ready to find my new furever home with some very special humans!

Date of Birth: January 2016

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Small

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I get along with other doggies and I love playing with puppies!
Good with Cats? No

Good with Kids? No

Critter Twitter:

Hi there - Winston here with a life update for you all since I came to Zoes! I am still on hold but Zoes would be willing to consider applications from people who understand me and my needs. They need to see past my “cute” exterior.
For whatever reason, french bulldogs, are unfortunately, currently, a popular canine accessory.
I need to be seen, accepted and treated for the dog I am, not what I look like.
I am a wonderful boy!
I have been in foster care for about nine months and my behaviour has improved dramatically.
When I got to Zoe’s, I could not be handled easily without frightening me into snapping or even pinch biting. I would grab hold of skin hard enough to significantly bruise and scrape. Now I can be picked up and handled with care, with relative ease. I will give a warning by growling and air snapping and will readily head into my kennel for down time when I am overwhelmed and feeling growly. I am well crate trained and I loves it as my safe space. Trying to take that away would be detrimental to me.
I am not very cuddly but I am learning. I will give kisses, very sloppy ones, and I am learning to play a little and to do it gently.
I am really good with the other dogs in my foster home for the most part. It took me a while to know how to behave appropriately and when I am too pushy I am easily diverted with treats etc.
I am very treat motivated and love to run and play. I would be wonderful at agility.
I should NEVER be taken off leash, I need structure and stability and support -off leash parks etc do not provide that.
I still get startled if I am touched unexpectedly and my foster’s watch my body language carefully and have learned to predict when I am more fearful to help diffuse the situation and help set me up for success. I will make some patient, loving owner a wonderful loyal companion. #toughpastlife#secondchance

About my Behaviour:

I was boarded for a month with Bilinda of K9 misfits, she is a wonderful, behavioural, non aversive trainer and she is the real reason I am in a good space now.
An approved applicant would have to do training with Bilinda for a month, with me before adoption was agreed to. (Covered by Zoe’s). So that they could learn to help me succeed.
I will NOT be considered for homes with children or cats or that “love frenchies!”

How’s my Health?

I am neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

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