Foster of the Week: At the Table with Christy May


Hey there! Christy May here! Just hanging on the table with my foster pop, figuring out what the day has in store for us.

My foster mom tells me I’m not supposed to be on the table, but my foster sister does it and I come from feral beginnings, so what do I know? (Insert my silly signature Christy May smile here.) Plus it really is the best way to get the humans to play with me.

I went to the Edmonton Comic Expo in September and you know what? It wasn’t half bad! My foster mom said I was amazing, “friendly and appropriate.” Not too shabby for a pup from the streets. I’ve come a long way and even though I still have some anxiety, I’m learning positive ways to handle it – like chewing on bones and antlers. Nomnomnomnom!!

I love my foster family with my whole, whole heart, but I think I’m ready for my forever home. (You know, before they get too attached to me.) I’m an energetic girl so a walker or jogger would be a match made in heaven. And I’ll need help and patience transitioning to a new home, but I am positive we will grow into a solid relationship. As long as you give me lots of treats. Which of course you will, because look at my face.