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Zoe’s Pub Night Fundraiser!

Do you have plans the evening of February 12? Why not do some early Valentine’s Day celebrating and come enjoy a fabulous night that includes live bands, a silent auction, 50/50 draw and door prizes. Plus, 10% of your overall tab is donated to Zoe’s!
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Adoption Event – West Henday Pet Valu – 03/10/15

Zoe’s will be hosting an adoption event at the West Henday Pet Valu this Saturday 3rd October from 3-6pm.  Cute Zoe’s foster pets will be on hand with free cuddles!…

Pet Valu | 1010 Webber Greens Drive | Edmonton| T5T 4K5

Roaring 20s Fundraiser

Hey all you bimbos and bearcats, get your glad rags on, fire up your hayburners, and foxtrot your way along to On The Rocks on Jasper for a swanky bash including drinks, music and dancing on an evening of nostalgic fun.  There’ll also be an auction if you’re looking to bid for some swell loot!  All proceeds go to those lovely little hepcats and dogs at Zoe’s Animal Rescue.  So dress to imress & don’t be a square – be there!

Date: Saturday 8th August – 6pm to late.

Tickets are $35, available at:

On the Rocks
11740 Jasper Ave
T8H 2B4

Garage Sale Fundraiser

We’re thrilled to have a garage packed to the rafters with awesome items to make our upcoming second annual garage sale a success! Please stop by between 12 – 8 p.m. on Friday, July 10 or 10 – 8 p.m. on Saturday, July 11 at 12207 58 Street (northeast Edmonton). Follow the signs and enter through the alley to the garage out back!

We have lots of books, kitchen items, clothing for kids and adults, toys, pet stuff, electronics, décor, craft supplies… etc.! We will also be selling raffle tickets, having a stuffie adoption, AND hosting some guest appearances from Zoe’s dogs!



















We are also a drop-off spot for rescue donations. Please see our summer wish-list and help us stock up on the items we need most! Thank you in advance for supporting our rescue, friends!


Edmonton International Cat Festival 2015

On arrival at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology gymnasium on Saturday, I was moved to hideously misquote, albeit only in my own head so it didn’t really matter, the words of noted ex-president John F Kennedy, who absolutely didn’t say “Some people see things as they are and say ‘Why?’, and others dream of things that never were and say ‘Why not lets organize an International Cat Festival and have presentations and vendors and some rescue cats, oh, and a famous guest cat, and stuff?'”.

image   image

I had no idea what form a cat festival might take but was pleasantly surprised at the range of the vendors present and the varied scope of the program of events. The events on the main stage were hosted by CTV’s Shawna Randolph and included an informative video-link with famed cat behaviouralist Dr Pam Johnson-Bennett answering questions from the audience (I was relieved to find that the organizers of an International Festival have the same connection issues as I do when I’m Skyping my mum!). Also fulfilling the ‘international’ brief was famed internet sensation Pudge, a 4 year-old Exotic Shorthair cat whom, if I’m being honest, I hadn’t really heard of before Saturday but did cause quite a stir and had not one but two ‘meet and greets’ during the day. She is incredibly cute and worth checking out on YouTube if you haven’t already. The highlight of the program for me was the Mr & Mrs Purr-fect beauty pageant which managed to tread that fine line between surreal and glorious with all cats required to present in everyday wear, swimwear and formal wear and explain how they would make the world a better place, which invariably involved them having more tuna.

image   image

Something else I had never experienced before (I’ve clearly lived a sheltered life) was the cat show judging ring where handsome felines sat patiently in cages before being taken out, prodded a bit, stretched to their full length then popped back in again, then judged. In the demonstration I watched, all of the cats were awarded at least one prize each which was nice although I expect that the non-demonstration competitive cut-throat world of cat showing is a little less egalitarian.

Photo by Nanc Price Photography.

Photo by Nanc Price Photography.

Zoe’s were present on the day of course, with an information kiosk near the main stage. It was an excellent opportunity to get our message out to an essentially captive audience. Kath and Lorraine did the honors in the morning whilst Allan and I provided relief for the afternoon session. Special mention goes to Allan’s foster Tippy, who gamely accepted all the cuddles and strokes which came his way as the afternoon went on. His presence achieved two important things, firstly it upped his own profile in terms of increasing his chances of finding his forever home and he got attendees close enough to get Zoe’s message to them and to get a calling card in their hand. An interesting part for me was in talking to people, most were clear about whether or not they wanted a(nother) pet but quite a lot were not aware of the fostering scheme Zoe’s operates and this seemed to pique interest with people who might not have been able to commit to a full adoption.

We met quite a few characters throughout the day and I was particularly enamored by the sweet lady who informed us in whispered tones that she had eleven cats at home. I wasn’t really sure why she’d whispered it until I googled it later that evening. I’m sure most will know the legal maximum per household in a Edmonton is six. She seems all the sweeter now…

Koch Ford – Kause 4 Paws – 13th June

Help meKock & Zoes

Ever wanted to hang in a Mustang, feel nifty in an F-150, or carry out a mission in an Expedition? You need wait no longer! Zoe’s are teaming up with Koch Ford Lincoln on 5121 Gateway Boulevard on Saturday 13th June for an exciting event which will allow you to try out any of the available range of Ford cars WITHOUT ABSOLUTELY ANY PRESSURE OR OBLIGATION. But there’s more. For every test drive between 11am and 3pm on the day, Koch Ford Lincoln will donate $20 to Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society up to a maximum of $6000! This means we need up to 300 test drivers to the maximise the total amount of much needed funds Zoe’s can make from this exciting partnership event. As well as the test drives, there will also be some adoptable animals present, fun and food as well as a silent auction.


So if you’re able to come and support Zoe’s on the 13th June,  PLEASE ENSURE YOU BOOK YOUR TEST DRIVE THROUGH THIS LINK BEFORE SATURDAY 13TH JUNE –

Saturday 13th June
11.00am – 3.00pm

Koch Ford Lincoln
5121 Gateway Boulevard
T6H 5W5

Zoe’s 3rd Annual Organic Composted Soil Sale Fundraiser


11210496_10152917142451297_4057789393514018646_n  21827_10152917142646297_369174943920582673_n  11200628_10152917142591297_2165412122497913069_n

On hearing veteran volunteers regale stories of Zoe’s Second Annual Compost Fundraiser, I was reminded of school trips in my native Scotland where grey skies, drizzle and near freezing temperatures were as compulsory as the curriculum of which the trips formed a part.

So it was with much relief that those veterans welcomed the bright blue sky that covered them in the car park of North Glenora Community League on Saturday 10th May for Zoe’s Third Annual Compost Fundraiser. Without doubt though, a significantly more welcome presence on the day was that of fourteen of Christensen & McLean Roofing Company’s finest, who volunteered their time at the suggestion of their crew leader Mark Williams who is also the brother of Zoe’s volunteer Alan Williams. Overall, an exceptional group of 37 volunteers in total had over 750 40lb sacks of the finest Organic Soil TM bagged by 10:30am. Hard work leads to hungry bellies, and again Christensen & McLean Roofing Co stepped up to the plate, providing lunch for all of the volunteers present on the day.

IMG_4285  IMG_4290

Zoe’s stalwart Mae Croft expertly marshalled the troops on the day and was fully confident that last years total of $4000 would be easily surpassed; the total will also include the takings from Jade and Asha’s ‘Adopt a Stuffie’ stall which raised around $100 and around $120 for the elegant teacup bird feeders. Gorgeous fosters Princess Gracie and Molly were also on hand providing cuddles, hugs and loving for anyone who wanted it.


PS – I encountered two significant stops on my Canadian Cultural Odyssey at the fundraiser. Firstly I realized that a ‘Garbage Fair’ isn’t a spelling error, but in fact a real thing where people trade apparently useless stuff; and secondly, after fifteen months in Canada, I’ve now sampled the small moreish delight that is a Timbit – a concept that neatly adopts the ethos of the Garbage Fair by making good use of something that would otherwise be thrown away. Sweet!

Adoption Event – Saturday 18th April

A Zoe’ adoption event will be taking place at the Strathcona Pet Valu this Saturday 18th April and will form part of their National Adoption Weekend celebrations.  It would be great to see you there if you can make it.

Strathcona Pet Valu
7925 104 Street
T6E 4C9

Adoption Event – Sunday 22nd March

An adoption event will be taking place this Sunday, 22nd March between 11am and 1pm on Sunday at the Rabbit Hill Pet Valu.  It would be great to see you there if you can make it along.

Rabbit Hill Pet Valu
5116 Mullen Road
T6R 0S9