Foster of the Week: Boomer Floyd


What do you get when you cross and dog with a calculator?

A friend you can count on!!!

Hahahahahaha! Oh, man! That was funny.

It’s my favourite joke. Because it’s funny AND because it’s about ME! I’m a friend you can count on, no calculator needed.

Do you need a friend to jog with? That’s me!

Do you need a friend to play with? That’s me!

Do you need a friend to cuddle with? That’s me!

I’m pretty easy-going: I know my basic commands, I’m crate trained and house trained. I’m a high energy dude, so I need lots of exercise and mental stimulation. I’ve been known to chew on things I shouldn’t when I don’t have enough to do. My foster parents are excellent at keeping me busy though, so my chewing tendencies have stayed in check. My foster dad is teaching me fetch and how to play with a frisbee. Fun times!!

I really love playing with other dogs, so if you have a dog who needs a friend, I’m your guy! Who am I kidding? I’m everyone’s guy! Except cats. They’re too much like toys and I like to play too much. I love humans oh, so much, but I’m nervous around small children. They frighten me. I think it’s something I might be able to get over in time with patient parents and very gentle kids who like to play fetch with me. A solid game of fetch is a heart winner for sure!

As much play energy as I have, I’m also down for some love and cuddles. Love from my humans is second only to play time. And it’s a close second.

Maybe I could be your new friend?

Check out my profile and apply to adopt a new friend today!