Foster of the Week: Chance


Hi! Chance here!

It’s been a few months since we chatted. I’ve been learning so much and working so hard, I want to tell you all about it!

First of all, I attended Leash Monsters in October and have had a private training session. My people said I did very well, I’m so proud of myself! Working on my leash manners has been challenging, but also rewarding. (By ‘rewarding’, I mean I get LOTS of delicious food when I listen and do my best. Yum!!) I have a new leash and harness too, it helps me stop lunging and pulling. I’ve also been working on boundary reactivity. I often forget and bark! bark! bark!, but I’m getting much better at stopping and listening when my foster people call me. I still have some work to do, but I have come so far.

adore people. I really do. Love and affection are my favourite things. (Next to food, of course.) My favourite way to tell you I love you is to put my face right in your face and touch noses. I call it a Chance Smooch!

I also love other animals. There are two cats in my foster home, they are wonderful friends and great nap buddies. I very much enjoy playing with the kitten, however, there is a considerable size difference between us and I forget that sometimes. My foster people keep an eye on me to make sure I don’t play too rough or paw-sy. And, despite my excitability around other dogs while on a leash, I am happy as a clam and positive as a pickle when meeting friends off-leash.

I am full of life and energy. I love walks, runs and playing in water – the muddier, the better!! I love playing period. I join the cats chasing the laser pointer and play fetch in the house when it’s too cold to get out for long walks. I’m kind of a toy shredder. I love ripping the fluff out of stuffies. I don’t rip up anything else in the house! Just my toys. You might want to look into a wholesale stuffy supplier….

I am a huge goofball, I have no shame saying that. I am fun, funny, sweet and silly. If we meet, I know you will agree. Visit my bio to read more about me and apply to adopt me!