Foster of the Week: Dozer



Hmmm…. How does this thing work?  The Humans seem to push on this sticky-outie thing with their foot to get the top to open….Maybe my paw isn’t big enough….. I liked the old garbage can better, it was easier to open. Uh oh!! The Humans are coming! Gotta get to my bed and pretend I’m sleeping!!

Phew! That was close. I will conquer that garbage can another day.

Oh, hello! How long have you been there? Are you going to tell the Humans I was trying to get into the garbage?

They know I’m trying to figure it out. Just like they know I can open the fridge and that I know how to get delicious food from up on the table into my stomach. Tablecloths are a dog’s conveyor belt, you know. (By the way, caramel apple pie is sofreakingdelicious!! I highly recommend it.)

I love food. Can you tell?

I’m supposed to be on a diet, but restricting the amount of food I eat doesn’t really jive with my love of food. (Although shedding some excess weight has done wonders for my hips….)

At least there aren’t any restrictions on my other love – KIDS!!

I love all kinds of people, but I adore children. Especially the smallest ones. The smallest ones usually share food so they’re doubly great.

I couldn’t imagine life without children. They make me so, so happy, my whole entire body wiggles with excitement!

I’m as smart as I am hungry and I am VERY hungry. As a highly intelligent, older gentleman, I know what I want:

I know I want food (diet shmiet!) and I know I always want to have children in my life.

I know that I always want to be with my people, so I will shadow you and lay beside you wherever you are. If you leave me in the yard, I will let myself out of the yard so I can find you.

I like to chat and want to be the center of attention, especially when people are visiting.  If it’s too quiet, I will walk right up to you and start talking. When company is over, I will introduce myself. If they don’t properly introduce themselves (read: give me a suitable amount of attention), I will, politely, of course, get in their face and whimper until proper introductions (read: a suitable amount of attention) are given.

I enjoy being outside and going for walks, I will bring you my leash when it’s time for a stroll.

I know when the day is done and it’s time to sleep. If you’re a night owl or a Chatty Cathy after dark, I will shoot you looks of annoyance until you get the hint and go to bed.

And I know my perfect family is out there, waiting for me.

Gentlemen don’t like to be boastful, and I am no exception, but I have to say I am a great guy. I am gentle, soft, and loyal. I am happy, FULL of love and SO ready to give my whole heart to my perfect family.

If you have room in your heart for a sweet gentleman like me, go on and visit my bio. Then apply to adopt me!