Foster of the Week: Harrison Beatle


Here comes the sun….. doo doo dooo…..

Here comes the sun….

And I say….. it’s alright…..

Buuuuuuuut it’s not alright to steal chicken drumsticks from your foster mom and make her chase you around the house to get them back.

I don’t know why.

(My foster mom told everyone about that, too. Even shared a picture. Now I’m what you call ‘internet famous.’ For stealing chicken. Imagine that.)

Food is goooooood. I don’t discriminate: Lemon muffins, pasta, cat treats…. GOOD! If a container of food accidentally falls on the floor and the lid accidentally falls off, well, it should be eaten! Wasting food is a crime and I’m no criminal.

I am a ninja-cat!!

I hide in the shadows and stare at my foster people; I dart into garages unnoticed; I leap onto counters without a sound; I sprint at lightening speed to get to my food dish! And I am currently training in the art of water fighting. Only the very best ninja-cats learn this art, you know. I sit beside the sink, wait for my foster mom to turn on the tap, then I bat and bite until my whole face is soaked.

Most ninja-cats prefer to work alone, but I really enjoy the company of fellow felines. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever met a cat I didn’t like. They’re great play companions and there’s nothing like a nap with a pal. I like to be pet, when I want to be pet. Good ninja-cats never let their people think they love love too much. It’s part of our mystique. Also you should never touch a ninja-cat’s paws. They’re dangerous weapons! Ninja-cats care not about needing nail trims.

Can I tell you a secret? You HAVE to promise not to tell anyone. It could get me kicked out of Ninja-Cat Academy. Promise not to tell?

Ok. Here goes……

I don’t like to be alone.

Sometimes, when I’m wandering around in the house, I find myself in an empty room, or worse – the basement, and I get a little freaked out, sometimes I even cry. But then my foster mom calls to me and I follow her voice back to the safety of others. Phew!!!

I know. Not very ninja-cat-like, right? That’s why it’s a SECRET.

I must go now. I’ve said too much.

(This message will self-destruct is 15 seconds. Apply to adopt me before it’s too late!!)