Foster of the Week: Moose Shrek


Oh, hello! My name is Moose.

Who are you? A friend? How nice. Very nice to meet you.

Do you have a forever home? You do? Oh, that’s wonderful! I’m looking for my forever home.

I’ve been a Zoe’s foster cat for almost a year. Can you believe that? I do love my foster home, my foster mom is the best a cat could ask for, but, oh, how I would love a family of my own.

I am an affectionate gentleman. I love to sneak onto my foster mom’s lap when she’s sitting down, or curl up at the foot of her bed. I have the biggest cat smile, and I will use it show you how much I appreciate your attention. I love water, and I like to play with it. When you wash dishes, I will happily help you! I love other cats and small children and babies. I have a “best friend” cat here in my foster home. We love to play wrestle. After playtime, we nap together and snuggle. The other kitty here is not very social with other cats, so I respect her space for the most part. I’m sweet and unassuming, and I don’t meow very often. Instead I quietly chirp when I want to “talk” to you, or your other pets. I never get underfoot, or try to run out the door and I never beg for food.  Because I’m a sensitive and soulful guy, I prefer to watch from afar when new people and pets visit. After I get used to having company over, I will come out and say hello to everyone.

I’ve been wondering why people are passing me by, maybe it’s because I have some medical issues. They might sound intimidating, but it’s very easily managed. When I was just a baby, I accidentally inhaled some cat food into my lungs. Because of this, I occasionally go through periods where I start coughing and will have to go on antibiotics for a short while. It’s very easy to give me a pill though. Most of the time, my foster mom hides my medicine in a pill pocket, and I just eat it. I take fancy Chinese herbs, they keep the coughing periods at bay. But that’s all I need. Other than love and cuddles!

Now that we know more about each other, I think we are a great match! Let’s meet in person – apply to adopt me! You bring the treats, I’ll bring the purrrrrr……