Foster of the Week: Colby Cheese



Hi, I’m Cheese! Colby Cheese.

Where’s your car? You DO have a car, right? Good. Let’s go for a ride!

Ahhhh…. I love the wind in ears! This is the life, I tell ya!!

I’m originally from Niagara Falls, what a fun little town! And now I’m here in Alberta. I’ve been all over this province, but I think it’s time I settle down.

I’ve settled into a great routine in my foster home.

My day starts bright and early when my foster dad wakes up. He comes to get my foster sister and me, then we go upstairs for a 45 minute snooze on the bed with my foster mom. I wait for my foster dad to tell me it’s ok to jump up on the bed, then I give my foster mom a quick kiss and settle in for a nap. She never sleeps long enough, but getting up with her means a walk and FOOOOOOD.

I start every day with a short walk. I keep hoping we’ll go for a car ride instead, but nope. Always a walk. My hound nose loves to sniff EVERYTHING. EVERY. THING. There are SO many smells out there! My foster mom doesn’t mind, but sometimes my nose gets carried away and she has to remind me that we are walking, not sniffing. I am very considerate of my foster mom and always do my business beside a garbage can. It’s the gentlemanly thing to do.

After my walk, it’s time for breakfast!!! My foster mom likes me to sit nicely until she serves breakfast. It’s SO hard when I’m SO hungry, but I try with all my might. After I gobble up my breakfast, I go upstairs to see who’s still sleeping. I crawl into bed with one of the kids and sleep until they get up. The girls take me on another short walk before lunch, then I spend the afternoon hanging out, being a dude. I love laying in the grass or sprawling out on the lounge chair for an afternoon siesta. I laze until dinner time. Food is my jam!

Evenings are for my people, I love my people almost as much as I love food. We go for an evening walk, then lay on the couch until bed time. I follow whoever goes up to bed first and snuggle with them until it’s time to go to my bed for the night. Sometimes my foster parents are too lazy to argue with me about going to my bed, my puppy eyes are extremely hard to resist, so I get to sleep in their bed with them. WINNING!!

It’s a great life with my foster family, they are so good to me. But, as much as I love living here, I am ready to find a forever home. One without cats!! That’s pretty much my only request. Cats flick my ‘Hunt Mode’ switch with a quickness! I’m happy with adults and kids and I don’t mind other dogs. I would like a home where my people are home more than they are away. And where there are lots and lots of treats! And a car. My life would be so sad without car rides.

So whaddya say? Check out my bio, apply to adopt me, and make me your passenger seat pal!