Foster of the Week: Free Cat with Adoption of Plastic Bin


This wonderful, sturdy and durable Sterlite bin – made in Canada – is available in translucent blue, measures 23 1/8″ x 16 7/8″ x 12 3/4″ and holds 55 litres of whatever your heart desires.

Like the gorgeous feline lady who comes FREE when you adopt the bin!!


Tracy May is a stunning purr machine who loves to chat – really! Her foster mom says Tracy May talks to her all the time, she even answers questions! She’s a great study partner, never missing a study session, and a cozy cuddle buddy. When Tracy May isn’t studying or cuddling, she loves to play with her person – laser pointers are her favorite game. Endless fun for you AND her!! You can also find her perched upon her cat tree, surveying her land and loyal subjects, or you can not find her at all….. She loves to hide and seek. (If you can’t find her, look in her Sterlite box, it’s her favourite! So much so that her foster mom insists the two not be separated.) She likes pretty much everything – cuddling, playing, kids, cats, dogs…. The only thing she doesn’t like is wet food. Can ya blame her? BLECH!

Apply NOW for your very own Sterlite 55 Litre bin. Only ONE bin available.

Only one Tracy May.