Groot's Happy Ending

Warning: may cause warm fuzzy feelings and leaky eyes.

Our Groot has found his forever home, and the story is just precious.

Groot&KendallGroot came into care with an icky abscess on his face. He needed two surgeries and over a month of tender loving care in a foster home. His high profile story attracted the notice of young Kendall, who, instead of getting presents for her birthday, asked her guests to donate to Groot’s care. Kendall raised $300, and afterwards, visited him to check in on his progress. Groot, an expert cuddler, showed his appreciation in the best way he knew how.

Groot was later adopted by a family who didn’t appreciate his tootin’ ways, and was soon returned. Kendall’s family saw an opportunity, and submitted an application. “We want him to be here forever! We give lots of kisses and we have had a cat that used to fart horrible all the time, and we still loved him!”

Groot was delivered to his new home, where Kendall was already outside, excitedly awaiting his arrival. Groot is now very attached to his new girl, and considers himself quite lucky to have had not one, but two chances at finding the perfect home.

New home, new wardrobe. Now Groot's got it all.

New home, new wardrobe. Now Groot’s got it all.