Happy Valentine’s day from us to you!


It’s Valentines day! A day to celebrate your love for each other. Remember husband and boyfriends, stay out of the doghouse by:
1. Not forgetting it is valentine’s day.
2. Bring her flowers, chocolate or a shiny gift.
3. Do not get her bad gifts these includes things like vacuum cleaners, mustache shavers, and gym memberships.
Three simple steps that will ensure a happy v-day. And ladies don’t forget to tell your man how much you love him!

If your single don’t worry! If you have a pet you are in a relationship where:
1. They will ALWAYS listen to you, even when your rambling on about something pointless like how much you hate your job for the 1000000th time.
2. They love you no matter what, even if you forget it’s their birthday, it’s valentine’s day or your anniversary.
3. They love whatever you get! Except cats, cats are more practical and don’t need that expensive toy, they just love the box it came in.
4. They never judge you! So eat your ice cream chocolate fudge, with a triple patty and cheese fries on the side without hearing about how it’ll go to your hips. Caution: Dogs might help you eat it, and drool on your lap.
5. They are just happy to be with you! You are their whole world! They live to be with you and enjoy every minute of it.
6. They love to cuddle! Yes even when it’s hot they will happily cuddle with you and make you feel loved.

So you see! Being single with a pet is the best! Unless you have a jerk cat who just uses you for food and litter box cleaning. But do not have regret, no one could ever love jerk cat like you do! Happy Valentine’s day everyone!