Purrrrfect holiday gifts for cats

UntitlednnnGifts for cats: what could be easier? Those of us with cats living in completely taking over our homes know that everything is a toy for a cat, especially at Christmas. 

“Why thank you for setting up this lovely, shiny tree! I especially love those glittery glass ornaments passed down from your grandparents and their first Christmas together! Oh, and you really shouldn’t have–an entire pile of very carefully and precisely wrapped presents underneath? With corners perfect for gnawing upon? And RIBBONS! My oh my, you have really outdone yourself, Human. You may pet me for five extra seconds before I claw your hand!”

But gosh darn it, we just can’t help it. Our cats are members of our families and if there isn’t a gift under the tree or in their stocking, we just don’t feel like good parents, do we? But what to get! Here’s a list of five exciting toys that–maybe, just maybe–will entice your feline friend this Yuletide.

For the Practi-cat

We live in a dry, harsh, cold climate, and sometimes our cats need a little extra TLC when the mercury petheaddips. A soothing paw balm, such as this Oatmeal Natural Paw Butter by Pet Head, can help relieve the dry and cracked paws that our cats can absolutely suffer from in the winter! (It’s great for dogs too! Just don’t tell your cat that part…)

For the Cozy Cat

A new fluffy cat bed is always a good idea, especially for those drafty winter nights! There are so many options out there – covered, uncovered, heated…check out this holiday igloo-shaped one from Martha Stewart Pets!

iglooFor the Musi-cat

Researchers have spent years looking into the specifics of music for mammals, and we finally have scientifically-verified music for cats available! Musician David Teie has been working on music for pets since 2009, but his Kickstarter-funded Music for Cats is his first foray into feline musical preferences. His belief, backed bmusicforcatsy researchers at the University of Wisconsin, was that “every species has an intuitive biological response to sounds present in their early development,” and Music for Cats has been engineered to resonate in their frequency range, and incorporates feline-centric sounds and vocalizations for a rather unique musical experience. You can pre-order digital downloads or physical CDs now–they’re expected out in Feb/Mar 2016!

For the Condo/Apartment Cat (or any cat who likes high perches!)Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.15.16 PM

If you’re low on floor space or just simply want to give your cat an extra place to roam, play, and relax, check out these cat shelves and perches that HausPanther.com has put together. From the simple shelf to more extravagant walkway systems, there are perches for everyone! (Our favourite has to be the Cat Silhouette shelf from The Refined Feline!)

For the Sophisti-cat (and her human!)

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 8.17.42 PMIt doesn’t get cuter than this! Match outfits with your pretty kitty when you buy her this Deluxe Neko Earring & Collar Set (the collar is for her; the earrings are for you!) from StarkRavingCat.com. You two will be the talk of the litter box this holiday season, that’s for sure!

If all else fails, a little catnip, a crinkly ball of tinfoil, and a warm lap to curl up in should definitely do the trick!