Inside the Mind of a Satisfied House Cat

Hello everyone!

My name is Sapphire, and I’m a Zoe’s Success Story.  In fact, I’m so successful, that my actual foster mom couldn’t even let me go, and decided to keep me forever. I must be pretty special. Anyway, my life started rough. As a cat on the streets, we have to learn very quickly to be alert, protect ourselves, and survive the elements. And food comes when it comes, so as you can imagine I was a little on the slimmer side, especially once I had babies to care for. After my litter grew older, I attempted to care for some premature kittens without a mother, but they were just too young and didn’t make it. When I got to what was about to be my forever home, I was happy to just sleep for days.

Pretty soon I figured out that my foster mom goes to work every day, and some evenings and weekends she goes out with friends (but I love when they come here!).  Once I caught up on my sleep and fattened up a tiny bit (I still look really good, though, by the way. Eat your heart out, any Tom’s that see me through the window), I started exploring what there is to do around a condo. My foster mom doesn’t let me outside! She won’t even let me into the mysterious hallway beyond the door!

She sat me down and told me that it was simply too dangerous for me out there. That in a place where it gets this cold, and people aren’t always the nicest, the best place for a cat is inside a home. Not only that, but the thought of losing me made her feel very sad. I asked her, “but there’s still SO many kitties out there, aren’t there?!” She looked very sorrowful, and told me that yes, educating people on why they should keep their cats indoors is very important, as well as educating them on spaying and neutering. She dreams of a world where rescues aren’t even needed, because every animal has a loving home.

She explained further to me that outdoor cats have a risk of being hit by a car, consuming poison, encountering predators, diseases, and parasites, even though I have a license and a collar. Also, the neighbours might not like me in their gardens, and they can call to have me removed until my owner comes to rescue me. This sounds terrifying and stressful! I’ll live a much longer life if I stay inside here; however I still have a few concerns. Won’t I get bored, fat, or destructive?

Not true, said my myth-busting foster mom. Although you’ll get a rounder belly, you won’t become too overweight if your owner portion-controls your food and joins in a daily playing routine with you. Cats love schedules, so feeding us at the same time every day helps. I have a ton of options for keeping me entertained throughout the day, I’ve got a perch to watch out the balcony window, as well as crumpled up paper, boxes with holes in it (my owner can play with me using her fingers), catnip-stuffed toys and catnip bubbles, and a toy mouse dangling from a string on a stick for us to play together. Just make sure you hide strings when you aren’t home, and no plastic bags. There’s also the option of getting a playmate one day down the road. She’s might even build me a cat tower to play on. As long as I keep a good bond with my owner, we’ll always be able to keep each other entertained. Hiding treats for me to hunt, or even stuffing food inside something that I have to work to get it out, will give me a challenge. I even got to chase a moth around last night! (I’m not sure about those red laser pointers – because I never get the thrill of catching it and it makes me feel down on myself). Try to rotate my toys every so often as well, and leave some soothing music on for me during the day.

If I’m being destructive, it could be a sign of something else. Maybe I’m sick, or I don’t like a change to my routine. Either way, it can always be worked out. Even though I started my life outdoors, I am very adaptable to being indoors. Did you know even indoor cats can travel nearly 20 acres in a night? They can pick up things that make a mildly allergic owner’s allergies even worse than before, so letting them out isn’t the best solution for allergies either. And if I just keep trying to escape outside, try squirting me with water or making a loud noise – I’ll soon start to associate it negatively.

Consider this – every time you let me outside to play, it might be goodbye forever. I’m open to trying a secure harness that attaches a leash on the mid-back, or even a net enclosure. I’d love a sunroom or a closed patio to hang out in. There are certain plants I like to sniff and I love to chase bugs; and lounging in the sun is the best feeling to me. I don’t need a whole lot more, I’m tough and adaptable and am happy being an indoor kitty forever.

Check out THIS informative link for helping build stray kitties shelters outside in the winter.

And THIS ice ball is just the best idea for hot summer days!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.



Check out my newly plump belly!