Jurassic kittens 2: the chaos continues

It would seem that the Jurassic Kittens couldn’t grow any more ferocious, fearsome, or adorable… but life finds a way. The kittens are now undergoing intense training with paleontologist Scott Persons to fine tune their pant-climbing, dog-tail-stalking, and jingle-toy-hunting skills.















The kittens’ different personalities and preferences have now fully emerged.

Freckle-faced John Hammond has a refined taste in toys.














Lex Murphy, the lone girl, is always up for an adventure.














Alan Grant is precocious, and loves playing with his siblings… or is he organizing a hunt?














Ian Malcolm is the snuggliest one. For now.














Robert Muldoon is an independent hunter.














Ray Arnold is fearless, with a touch of trouble.














And Ellie Sattler, aka, “The Big One,” is, quite simply, the most affectionate cat ever. But we know she’s just biding her time.














The litter is 5 weeks old now. Zoe’s will start taking applications the first week of July, and the kittens will go to their forever homes in mid-July. If you need a little Jurassic cat in your life, learn about our adoption process. Or if you’re not ready for a lifetime commitment, learn about fostering with Zoe’s.