Our Kittens Need Your Help

Zoe’s was recently asked to help in a case where 31 cats and kittens were in desperate need of a rescue. While we’ve helped transfer and arrange transportation for many of the cats, seven of them will be staying with us (stay tuned for their profiles!).


With this influx we are in desperate need of supplies. We have a wish list of items we are always looking for, but these are some of the specifics at the moment:


To make donating super easy, these items can be purchased through a donation in our Estore. The money donated will be used to provide our animals with the care they need.

They also make a really cute gift – give your friend or family member the gift of milk to feed hungry kittens! How cute is that?StorePromo2
We’ve also reached the limit on our vet bills and will be holding off on intakes until we can pay them back. If you’d like to donate in a more traditional way, you can do so at ATB Cares where they match 15% of every dollar!

All of the volunteers that make up Zoe’s Animal Rescue would like to send a heartfelt thank you to everyone who continues to support us. No donation is too small – we appreciate every penny we get!