Missy wants to be your one and only


Meet Missy, our newest addition to the Zoe’s Co-Pilot Program! Missy has been in several rescues over the last couple of years, and when her last rescue closed, we at Zoe’s decided that we were going to be her last stop before her forever home.


Many of our long-term animals have health issues, or are a difficult fit for most families. Missy’s biggest issue, however, is that she’s a dog-reactive girl, surrounded by dog-loving people, whose homes are already filled with dogs! Missy is a sweet girl, but she needs more exposure to help get her into a home where she is the only pet. To help stir up a buzz about Missy, we’re lowering her adoption fee to a mere $50, offering up to one free vet visit a month (not including procedures), and providing training for the two of you. Essentially, Zoe’s will be your “co-pilot” in Missy’s care.

Missy’s dislike of other animals tends to obscure her good qualities. But we want you to know that Missy is a good girl! She loves walks, she loves car rides, she loves cuddling, and she loves being with her people. She’s calm in the house, and happy to be your company in whatever you want to do. If you have a sunspot in your home, no dog or cat hair on your couch, and a little room in your heart, consider adopting Missy.