Simba: on putting your past behind you

simba4Even though Zoe’s is financially exceeding capacity, we’ve taken in an emergency case: an emaciated brindle mutt named Simba. He has multiple injuries, including a gunshot wound, and may lose one of his legs. Despite his pain, Simba is not reactive. Like his namesake, Simba is brave and resilient. The morning after his first surgery, his tail was wagging. He still loves people. Simba still has a long way to go, but he’s happy to be where he is.



timonWhat’s Simba’s secret? He knows you’ve gotta put your behind in your past. Simba is at a turning point. He’s made it to a safe place, and is receiving the best care from the staff at Edmonton West Animal Hospital. Like Timon and Pumbaa, it’s Zoe’s job to give animals like Simba a hand when they need it most, to nurse them back to health and help them relax and enjoy life again. Hakuna matata.

But it’s not always easy for rescue workers, or our supporters. Cases with evidence for malice are the hardest to emotionally process. We’re can-do people, and animal cruelty isn’t an easy fix. Take a deep breath. It doesn’t matter, it’s in the past.

Because for every instance of cruelty and neglect, there are hundreds of instances of kindness. Did you know that Zoe’s is run completely by volunteers? That all of our animals live in foster homes, where they are treated like family until they find their own? Did you know that local businesses and vets donate supplies and expertise? That two little sisters under ten years old have raised $1700 for Zoe’s by drawing pet portraits? That we’ve saved over 300 lives in the last three years? These are the things that give us hope, and help us fight compassion fatigue.

If you’d like to help Simba on his path, please donate via ATB Cares. It’s fast, safe, and ATB matches 15% on all donations.