Foster of the Week: Sweet like a Reese Peanut Butter Cup


It’s hard out here for a Buttercup pup!

When Zoe’s picked me up from a rural community, I was FULL FULL FULL of porcupine quills. Those guys look like fun from a distance (so much so that I tried to make friends with another one and got quilled again!) but close up…. not so much. OUCH!!

I spent quite a while on my own, but I’m adjusting to this home life thing pretty quickly. I’m not a barker, quiet as a mouse, and I am quite content in the house when my foster mom goes out. I don’t make any trouble at all. And I absolutely LOVE cuddles, I can think of nothing better to do after a long walk with my people. Pretty much my two favourite activities – walks and cuddles. I really just love to love people!!

Other animals however…. verdict is still out on them. Not a fan of cats and I’m choosey about other dogs, I don’t like to share my things at all. A byproduct of my life before Zoe’s. My foster mom has been working with me and my resource guarding though, so maybe in time I will be more accepting of canine friends. Also I must attend mandatory obedience classes. I want to be a balanced and well-mannered dog, with an extra large side Buttercup of lurve!