Hannah’s Top 5 Dog Products

Hannah is a Zoe’s rescue, and fur-child to blogger Amanda Kelley. Here are her top 5 pieces of dog gear:

Hannah shares her Molly Mutt bed with a foster kitten.

Hannah shares her Molly Mutt bed with a foster kitten.

1) The Molly Mutt dog bed duvet ($25+). Make your own washable dog bed! Molly mutt beds have 3 parts: an outer, trendy cover, a waterproof liner, and, as the stuffing, any old duvets, sheets, or pillows that you have laying around. These are great for dogs who aren’t yet housebroken, or, you know, for folks who like to be clean. Now go ahead and throw out that impossible-to-wash dirt sponge your pup has been using.

Available online.


Part of the Furminator's brilliance is that little grey tab that pushes the hair from the comb.

Deceptively basic looking.

2). The FURminator dog brush ($35+). Hannah’s foster mom Theresa called the Furminator “a godsend”, and by golly, it is divine. Yes, it’s on the pricey end, but we think it’s worth it not to have dog hair tumbleweeds rolling through the house.

Available at most pet stores.


The front leash clip also has a martingale.

The front leash clip also has a martingale.

3). The Easy Walk harness ($35). Hannah doesn’t use this, as she’s a pro at loose leash walking, but her little brother Franklin does. The key to this harness is that the leash attachment is at the front, so any tugging spins the pup around. For many dogs, this stops tugging immediately. Which leads to a much calmer walk for Hannah and the rest of the pack.

Available at G&E Pharmacy.



4). Canadian Tire poop bags ($7). I know, right? Not what you expected. In the poop bag world, there are real dangers to buying inexpensive, paper-thin poop bags. Hannah and I have ventured into that realm, and come out with the cheapest, high quality poop bag. You’re welcome.



I know you want to squeeze and love her, but no means no.

I know you want to squeeze and love her, but no means no.

5). Julius K-9 powerharness with custom patch ($60). This harness is a great way to let people know from a distance that your dog needs space. Leashes, collars, and bandanas can also advertise “Do not pet”, “No dogs”, or “In training”; however, I like this harness because you have the option of custom phrasing, the patches are removable, and the harness itself is police-grade tough. Hannah, on the other hand, likes the Julius harness because it’s highly visible, and it doesn’t interfere with her regular movements.

Available through the Edmonton Humane Society (Just email them – they do bulk orders from Julius K9)

Does your dog have some favourite gear? Let us know!