Happy Tails Update: Parvo Puppy to Fury of Love

The Mighty Imperator Furiosa (or Fury for short) has fast become a part of our family. She had Parvo when we adopted her, but she long ago kicked that and has been healthy ever since. She still loves string and rope toys, since her fosters originally played with her using a Cat Toy, so we have to be very careful with her as if she eats string that might be a blockage which would be bad! She also loves playing fetch with a ball, and actually has taken to playing catch, where she will dangle her front paws over the back of the couch and wait attentively to be thrown a ball or toy. There were a few issues with weight, but we’ve recently switched food on the recommendation of a vet to a tastier, higher calorie food and that seems to have done the trick. She was never underweight, and believe me, has had NO issues with energy, but she wasn’t quite as well built as you’d like for a dog so young. But she’s putting on more muscle and is ever more feisty.

At the end of march we welcomed our first non-fur baby to the family and Fury and Felix could not be getting along better. On the advice of your amazing staff we made sure to socialize Fury with small children, babies and a range of ages so that she could deal with all of them, and Fury treats Felix very carefully. Every time he makes noise, she trots over and sticks her head in his bassinet to make sure she’s okay. She gazes longingly at him from the corner of blankets, waiting for the day when this little tyke will become her best friend and play with her forever. I’m sure she can’t wait.

Maggie Hamilton's photo.

Fury has also had a positive effect with other dogs as well. She is a little afraid of other dogs, but reliable trips to the dog park has made her more and more courageous. In particular, my sister-in-laws dog Charlie was never really a fan of other dogs, but took to Fury right away. Charlie is older than Fury, but still enjoys playing and roughhousing, running after balls or frisbees with the younger dog, though occasionally Charlie will retreat to a high couch or seat where she can watch Fury’s puppy antics. Furiosa has been good for Charlie as well, as socialization with a puppy from a young age seems to have mellowed Charlie a bit, who used to suffer from anxiety and be very defensive around other dogs. She’s been more gentle, cautious, and forward about dealing with other dogs, which has been fantastic.

Yup, no matter which way you slice it, Fury has been a fantastic addition to our family and a top rate doggo. Well, she’s sort of terrible at the whole “guard dog” thing, despite her Sherperdly alarm bark (just today she failed to wake up when the utility girl walked into our yard to change over our power to a digital meter). But luckily, all she has to do in the Phillipchuk household is play, go for walks, wrestle and chase toys. 😀

We couldn’t be happier with Fury, and our experience with Zoes animal rescue was absolutely top notch from beginning to end.

The Mighty Imperator Furiosa (formerly KD Lang) came into care with her siblings, very sick with Parvo. Thank you to everyone who worked to get this litter in top notch health and heartfelt thank you to Fury’s adoptive family for this wonderful and touching update.

KD Lang/Fury on the left with two of her siblings