Three Simple Ways to Spread the Love to Rescue Animals

Happy Valentine’s Day! Let’s not forget about our four-legged friends on this day of love! Here are three simple ways to spread the love to rescue animals that won’t cost you a dime.

ONE: Spread the love by sharing an adoptable animal’s profile. The more exposure the animal gets, the more likely they are to find their loving forever home. We truly appreciate every like, share, and comment. Once the animal is adopted, a spot is freed up in a foster home for another animal in need. You can find our adoptable animals’ profiles here.

TWO: Volunteer your time! Did you know that Zoe’s is 100% volunteer run? You do not have to commit a certain amount of hours per week or month to volunteer to make a positive impact. Instead, with Zoe’s, you can jump in when you are available. We are always looking for help with fundraising, event organizing, transporting animals and supplies, photography, blogging and of course… fostering! Learn more about volunteering here.

THREE: Share the message to spay and neuter! Zoe’s does everything in our power to help to end the cycle of homeless animals including ensuring that every single adopted animal is either spayed or neutered before the adoption is finalized. There are so many deserving animals in local rescues, and so many waiting to come into care. Help to reduce the population of stray and unwanted animals by reminding people to spay and neuter their pets. You can find a list of vets that we like to work with here. In addition, the Edmonton Humane Society offers a great program for those with pets that cannot afford to spay and neuter. Check out their PALS program here.