A Word on Kitten Season from Co-Director, Kath Oltsher

I swear a lot.
Mostly because it alleviates stress.
And it cracks me up to get creative with it.
Kitten season is the worst – I have a gold standard potty mouth right now.
Here is the thing, everyone accepts that kittens and cats suffer. Even those of us on the front lines. Because it is a THING.
“Yeah, it’s sad,” we say and shake our heads, “but we are doing all we can – we just don’t have the funding/volunteers/fosters etc. to do more. There is just too many.”
We need to change our attitudes and everyone else’s.
It’s generally not hard or expensive to get a kitten fixed. And all rescue and animal welfare agencies need to step up to help that happen. That is how to be serious about animal welfare. And cats are animals. If these groups don’t help people get cats fixed for inexpensive rates – the groups are assholes. (Even a few a month makes a huge difference).

If you get a cat and you don’t get it fixed – you are an asshole.
If you dump or leave a cat behind – you are an asshole.
If you sell kittens without getting them fixed first – you are an asshole.
If you give away kittens to people who won’t get them fixed – you are an asshole.
If you don’t get mama cats fixed – you are an asshole.

Don’t be an asshole.

 Kitten Season