Our mission at Zoe’s Animal Rescue is to make positive changes in the lives of cats and dogs in need.

We strive to save one animal at a time, acknowledging that “saving one animal will not change the world, but for that animal, the world will change forever.”

The core of our mission is fulfilled through a unique four-pronged service approach in collaboration with our partner communities:

Spay Neuter Return (SaNeR) Program
The heart of our rescue is our Spay Neuter Return (SaNeR) Program. We provide free spay and neuter to animals in our partner communities where income and availability of vet services are a barrier. We have seen an incredible decrease in the population of unwanted animals in our partner communities through this program.

Support People and Animals in Marginalized Communities
We work to keep animals in their homes and out of rescues. We do our best to meet the needs of people and animals in marginalized communities in whatever way possible. We provide free veterinary care, build shelters, and bring food and supplies to animals. We support marginalized people to provide excellent levels of care for their animals.

Education for Children and Communities
We provide education in our partner communities through school presentations, one-on-one conversations, and ongoing support. We believe that education makes a key difference in the treatment and care of animals, as well as the safety of children and communities.

Adoption Program
When animals must be rehomed, we place them with loving foster families. Our animals are provided with medical care (which includes a mandatory spay or neuter) and behavioral support so that they are ready for their forever family. Our goal is to place the right animal with the right person to ensure a successful adoption.

Commitment to Force Free Handling
We are members of the Alberta Force Free Alliance. We are passionate about ensuring all dogs are handled in a loving and force free manner in all areas of their lives including training, vet services, and grooming.

Curious about our name? Read about the Original Zoe.

We are a registered Canadian charity (charity number 830544938RR0001).



A Zoe’s animal is a Zoe’s animal forever. Our Rainbow Bridge section is dedicated to those Zoe’s animals who are no longer with us.