Buddy Rouette

On Hold

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Buddy Rouette   |   Male   |   Black Lab/Terrier cross   |  

Rescue Story:

My family loved us very much but unfortunately, they had to move and couldn't take my brother Charlie and I along.
Charlie and I are bonded and we need to be adopted together

Date of Birth: September 2007

Energy Level: Low to medium

Size (adult): 73 lbs

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
But the only dog I can live with is my brother Charlie - we need to be adopted together.
Good with Cats? No
I say no thank you to cats!
Good with Kids? Yes
I am very good with kids

Critter Twitter:

I am very laid back and very sweet. I love to be with my people and will follow you around the house. I will then lay down in which ever room you are in, so that I can be with you. I also love affection and cuddles. I will cuddle with you on the couch while you are watching TV or reading a book and snore in your ears. How kind of me. 😊 I am big into chewing on balls or Kongs, so hopefully you will have a large supply of those, for me. The best is when there is yummy stuff inside the Kong. My family got me when I was very little, then when I was 3 they got me a brother, Charlie (who was also 3 at the time). So we are like brothers ♥ Even though we are 13 now, boys will be boys and sometimes we still like to play wrestle together. There were 3 kids in my previous home and I loved them very much, I was very gentle and patient with them. I just wanted to mention that I looove walks and would love someone to take me on lots.

About my Behaviour:

I am very good with people, though a little uncomfortable with people approaching me abruptly or quickly on walks. Even though I am 13, I still pull quite a bit on walks. I just love going for walks and smelling the flowers and the pee mail. 😊 If you can work with me on not pulling so much then we both can really enjoy our walks! I am also a bit protective of my home, I just like to let those passing by know that I live there. I love my brother Charlie and we have been together most of our lives so we will need to be adopted together.

How’s my Health?

I am a senior and have some limps, so will need joint supplements. I just had a fatty lump removed from my front leg and everything went very well. I currently do not have any medical concerns. I am neutered, microchipped, dewormed and up to date on my vaccinations.

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