Bug (Courtesy Post)

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Bug (Courtesy Post)   |   Male   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

**As a courtesy post Zoe's has not met "Bug", we facilitate the adoption behind the scenes to ensure a safe rehoming. We make sure the animals are vetted but do not personally know the animal. It is the adopters responsibility to do their due diligence -ask for vet records, get the microchip changed, potentially involve a force free trainer for an assessment and/or ask for a trial period.**

Date of Birth: August 2021 (Approx)

Energy Level: High - I am full of fun puppy energy!

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee: $425 for a fun loving pup like me. Such a deal! *updated fees

Good with Dogs? Yes
With proper introductions I should be just fine with dogs
Good with Cats? Maybe
Right now they are toys, but I'm not mean, I swear!
Good with Kids? Unknown
With proper introductions and respectful playing, I should be just fine with kids.

Critter Twitter:

Hello friends! My name is Bug! I am an exuberant puppy who loves to play with anything my mouth can touch. I like to jump around and pounce my other furry friends. My favourite time of the day is meal time, I eat too fast so my foster parents make me eat out of enrichment bowls and slow feeders so I don't eat too fast. I like to spend time in my crate with yummy frozen snacks that are specially made for me. They say it helps keep me calm and occupied when the humans are at work. One of my other favourite things to do is chase my elusive tail, I can never seem to catch it so it can make me dizzy from spinning in so many circles! I sound like a fun guy, don’t I!

About my Behaviour:

I would love a family with another playful dog, or two! Or humans who can do a lot with me to burn my forever supply of energy! But I would prefer to have a playmate, they speak my language and I still have lots to learn about boundaries! I bond easier with others of my kind then with people. I don't like a lot of people cuddles. I am an independent boy but do like when I cuddle another dog when I want to feel safe and warm. I do love following around the humans of my house though! I'm curious about everything they are doing and love being a part of things but not coddled.

Maybe when can take a class together, they sound fun. It would also help us both learn how to help me be the best boy possible. You can check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for some great force free trainers!

How’s my Health?

I am up to date on most vaccines and I will be neutered before finding my forever home!

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