Em Ski


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Em Ski   |   Female   |   Domestic Cutie (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

Me and my brother, Finn, were on a farm where we usually didn't get cared for as the farmer only put out one dish of cat food for 18 cats. When he ran out of cat food, he fed us bread. He said he usually doesn't have that many cats as most freeze to death or get run over. A kind lady wanted to help us but he wouldn't let all my friends be rehomed as he needed kittens to be born. But 15 of us were taken in, my brother and I went to a rescue who couldn't care for us unfortunately as I required expensive eye surgery so Zoe's agreed to help and take us on instead.

Date of Birth: August 2021

Energy Level: Medium - High

Size (adult): Small

Adoption Fee: $170 for my brother and I.

Good with Dogs? Yes
Only cat friendly dogs who won't chase me, with proper introductions of course.
Good with Cats? Bonded Pair
Me and my brother are bonded so we need to be adopted together. We would do well with other playful, younger cat-friendly cats.
Good with Kids? Maybe
Older calm kids who would be very gentle and patient with me.

Critter Twitter:

I am a sweet one-eyed girl who loves to play. Especially with my brother though I do have a bit less energy than he has. Once tired I don't mind cuddling but I do prefer it's on my terms and that I am not held against my will. I am less shy than my brother and I love enjoying life to the fullest. Having only one eye doesn't slow me down. It's important to take all life's obstacles and use them to grow stronger. #oneeyedontcare #livelifelovelife

About my Behaviour:

My brother and I are bonded and we must be adopted together. We are good with other youngish cat-friendly cats who would love to play with Finn if I am tired. He loves to play with cats. We would also be fine if it's just us two.

We would do best in a calmer home that is understanding it will take us a bit to settle in and really show our true personality. I'm braver than my brother and I should settle in a bit quicker and help him too.

We love the catio and would love one (even if it's in the future) if possible! Window hammocks are the best too.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted and ready to find my forever home! I need to be fed one wet food meal a day and scheduled meals to help us form a strong bond. I had my eye removed due to an injury, and I am so happy it's gone. Now I am not in any more pain.

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