Gus (Goose) Chewy


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Gus (Goose) Chewy   |   Male   |   Mixed Breed (Floppy-Eared Foodgobbler)   |  

Rescue Story:

I came to Zoe's with my Mom, when my siblings and I were only a week old. I am back up for adoption looking for my forever home.

Date of Birth: Approx November 18, 2020

Energy Level: Medium – I’m a pretty chill puppy overall, as long as I get some time to play!

Size (adult): X - Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
*Due to my resource guarding we are looking to start me off in a pet free home to build my foundations and security*
Good with Cats? No

Good with Kids? No
I could live with older kids who understand I need lots of space, so only kids over 10 years old for me please.

Critter Twitter:

I’ve been with my foster mom for awhile now, and things are going great. She works from home and I’ve been such a good boy that I am allowed to roam free while she is working – I can play with all the dog toys, and I have learned what not to chew on or play with (i.e. shoes and coffee tables are tooth-free items). I love doing my business outside and will sit and bark at the back door so mom knows when I need to potty and I haven’t had any accidents inside for a long time now.

About my Behaviour:

My mom taught me early on how to interact with my foster sister, I am still learning but am very respectful of her cues. We are still supervised when eating meals but I know that patience is the key to more goodies!I play with other dogs all the time – big and small (but the big ones are easier to wrestle and chase with). Sometimes a dog-buddy will also have some resource-guarding issues, and then I can get myself into a little trouble, but most of the time I know how to play nice and take turns chasing, tugging, wrestling, and ankle-biting. I need a trusted, experienced human to choose my playmates and help us both to learn how to interact when we first meet, so supervised playdates in yards with trusted dogs are my go-to for dog socialization. Dog parks are too unpredictable for me. I can be left at home in my kennel for a few hours at a time but I need to be in a home where I won't be left alone all day.

I’m excited to take classes with a force-free trainer, so I can bond with my new pawrents and build a solid foundation of skills to grow on. As a condition of adoption, we must register in a force free training class. Please check out for some great force free trainers!

How’s my Health?

I am neutered, microchipped, dewormed and will have my vaccines up to date. I will be a very big dog when I grow up.

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