Henry Higgins

Adoption Pending

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Henry Higgins   |   Male   |   I get told I'm a lovebug - is that a breed? If not then I don't know!   |  

Rescue Story:

I came from a partner community of Zoe's with a face full of quills. Zoe's helped me out and now I'm ready to find a furever home.

Date of Birth: August 2014

Energy Level: Low to Medium - I'm a chill dude.

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I like other doggies!
Good with Cats? Yes
Kitties ate just fine with me!
Good with Kids? Yes
I am great with kids! My ears perk up when I hear them playing!

Critter Twitter:

Okay, confession time: I wanted to play with a porcupine. Yes, I know it's a bad idea now, but he looked friendly enough until he did that to me! That's how I lost my eye. It doesn't bug me much, so I hope it doesn't bug you either? #cutestpirateyou'veeverseen #I'mwinkingatyoualways

I'm getting used to indoor life with lots of love and food (did I mention being a house dog is new? well it is!) and I'm telling you I couldn't be happier. I mostly like to lay and accept pets, and feel so glad that I will find a furever home where this comfort will last forever.

About my Behaviour:


How’s my Health?

Now that I am de-quilled, I feel awesome! I'm up to date on shots, de-wormed, microchipped and neutered.

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