Hilary Meadowlark


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Hilary Meadowlark   |   Female   |   Floofiest Floofer (DLH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My mom, siblings and I were being cared for by a nice lady after being found outside. Zoe's took us in to help us find forever homes where we will never be cold again.

Date of Birth: July 2023

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: **$200 for my BFF and I for the month of April**

Good with Dogs? Yes
I don’t mind them. I retreat to a high place and stare. I suspect, eventually, I might quite like them, but I’m content to watch them for now.
Good with Cats? Bonded Pair
I need my brother Kahlua. You know how some humans have a security blanket? I have a security sibling. You’ll like him, he’s adorable. Together we are more confident and if we have each other, we’ll settle in quite quickly. If you already have a cat, I don’t mind that. Unless they like sleeping at the top of the cat tree. You’ll need to get me my own cat tree then.
Good with Kids? Yes
Do you have tweens or teens? I love those. They will pet me and brush me and tell me I’m very pretty, which is my favourite thing. I don’t like sudden movements or loud noises, so I’m not sure if I would like toddlers. They seem like they might chase me or grab me.

Critter Twitter:

I am such a stunning girl who is so fluffy! I mean seriously, my glorious locks make all other cats jealous. Because I am so stunning I must keep up my appearances. I love being brushed. I enjoy being slowly petted and I do have the loudest purr. I love it when you talk to me. I am very special girl who will worm my way into your heart and my large paws will never let it go. #floofiestfloofer #justsofluffy #itssofluffyimgoingtodie

About my Behaviour:

I like to take my time to think about a situation. This might make you think I don’t like you. I do, I am shy. If you have a calm, quiet home, and you can give me a few weeks to let me settle in, suddenly one day you will look up, and I’ll be sitting next to you. I’m not a lap cat per se, but I like to be near you. Once I get adjusted, you’ll realise I like people. I love chasing after my brother. I am really sure that one day I’m going to catch the red dot from the laser. I am well worth the wait and unlike other kitties I won't cuddle more with strangers who come over than you. I am no traitor!

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I should be fed at least one meal of wet food a day for hydration.

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