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Hugh   |   Male   |   mixed breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I was found as a stray and a stranger brought me in from the cold and dropped me off at the vet. I was starving, emaciated and covered in wounds but now I’m all healed up and getting very strong.

Date of Birth: 2017

Energy Level: medium/high

Size (adult): Medium (30-40 lbs)

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I'm pretty good at meeting most other dogs on walks but I don't show any interest in playing. I would probably be best as the only dog in the house.
Good with Cats? No
No, I would like to chase cats as well as squirrels, birds, and all small animals!
Good with Kids? Unknown
I would probably do better in a household without kids because I can sometimes become overwhelmed.

Critter Twitter:

Hi there! Hugh here! I am very loyal to the people I’m closest to. I show my love by bringing them toys for us to play with. Sometimes I just get bursts of energy that make me run around and play like crazy. But most of the time I just love to sleep in a patch of sunlight and a cozy dog bed for hours snoring away. I am very adventurous and love car rides and long walks. Strangers can make me nervous, but with your help, and some positive reinforcement training, I would love to learn to trust more humans. I'm now learning there are some pretty awesome humans in this world!

I am extremely loving and playful with the people I build trust with. I am very clever and pick up on training and tricks very quickly. I can sit, lay down, stay, and come like a pro. I'm working on rolling over. I am very trustworthy and can be left alone for several hours without being destructive.

I'm also crate trained and love the sanctuary of my own space. And I'm house trained and muzzle trained!

I want to mention again how important it is for my new family and me to take some positive reinforcement training - I know it will help us to build a bond, and we'll have such fun together!

About my Behaviour:

I am apprehensive when meeting new people and need slow introductions. When I meet a new person I am often anxious and can be overwhelmed, which sometimes leads to reactions like jumping toward people, locking eyes, and low growls. However, with proper introductions and redirecting my attention I will tolerate others being around. I have shown some signs of resource guarding.

How’s my Health?

I am on medication to help with anxiety. And I'm on a chicken free diet which has improved my former skin/hair loss issue.

I am neutered, microchipped and dewormed!

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