Koki Aloha


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Koki Aloha   |   Male   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I was so lucky to be born in Zoe's care, and now looking for my people!

Date of Birth: March 16 2019

Energy Level: High - I am full of fun puppy energy!

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
With proper introductions and lots of doggie socializing I should be fine
Good with Cats? Yes
I love my foster cat brother but forget he’s smaller then me and can’t play like me but I’m learning and think I can be a great cat buddy in the future
Good with Kids? Yes
I love to play with my foster family kids and enjoy running and kissing. I’m still working on my energy with them but with proper introductions, and respectful playing, I know I can be anyone’s best buddy

Critter Twitter:

Look who’s talking! Koki!! I’m a bundle of energy but love me some belly rubs, cuddles and lots of adventure. My favourite thing is to be outside finding new smells and investigating the world! Take me with you and I’ll be your best pal! #bellyrubs #puppyadventurer

About my Behaviour:

I'm still so young - so will need help with house training and crate training. Crate training is super important so I can have a safe place to call my own, where I can feel happy and secure. As a condition of adoption - we need to register in puppy classes. I'm so excited about this as we will bond, have so much fun and learn tons, and I get to socialize with other puppies in a safe environment - which is so important. Training classes need to be with a positive reinforcement/force free trainer. Check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for lots of options!

How’s my Health?

I will be up to date on my vaccinations, dewormed and neutered before I am adopted.

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