Kylo Blue


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Kylo Blue   |   Female   |   Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered to the SPCA because my humans had difficulty getting along. Zoes rescue noticed I'd been there too long so they took me in.

Date of Birth: 2015

Energy Level: Medium - I love to nap but sometimes get the nighttime zoomies!

Size (adult): Medium (55 - 60lbs)

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
With a calm environment and proper slow introductions I think I could learn to make doggy friends
Good with Cats? No

Good with Kids? Unknown
I do love humans, but I think I would be best with older children. I'm almost muzzle trained which will help me when meeting new small friends but it would help if they understood my body language also.

Critter Twitter:

Despite my beefy exterior I'm a very loving, gentle and snuggly girl. I just want to be around you all the time so you can give me as much attention as possible. Kisses are my favorite and sI'd be happy licking you all day long if you let me. I also love love love to ride shotgun and feel the wind in my face when we go for car rides. I like my walks enjoys but can get easily distracting when exciting things happen (like another dog, squirrel or bunny walking by) and I tend to pull a bit. I'm happy to lay on the floor and play with my squeaky toys.
I've been working with my foster humans on basic commands like sit, down, stay and come. I'm a very good listener until I get distracted by those darn squirrels again. But I am trying and want to learn with you 🙂

About my Behaviour:

I am learning lots but will require a calm, patient human who understands me. I am house trained, but I do have the occasional accident. I also love my crate and am happy to spend time in there whenever I need to.

How’s my Health?

I'm an itchy girl! When I have a reaction to something my skin and paws gets red which can be very uncomfortable for me and I just want you to give me lots of full body scratches. Because of my allergies I am on a special hypoallergenic dog food and a daily pill when a get a flare up to help my itching and redness subside. I am spayed, tattooed, microchipped, dewormed and all up to date on my vaccinations

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