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Lancelot   |   Male   |   Shih Tzu cross   |  

Rescue Story:

I came from a home where my family had a baby and the baby was severely allergic to me 🙁

Date of Birth: 2016

Energy Level: low-medium

Size (adult): small - 24 lbs

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I would LOVE another friendly dog in my forever home. I'm not a fan of more than one pushy dog in my face though!
Good with Cats? Yes

Good with Kids? Yes

Critter Twitter:

I am a calm boy for the most part. My foster mom tries to get me to play with her and sometimes I will fetch my stuffy with her. Sometimes I will also bring her a random stuffy that isn’t mine, but I haven’t hurt any of the stuffies. My foster mom thinks it’s funny when I bring something random to her. Sometimes I want to play with the cats, but mostly I just watch them and they watch me! I'll tell you one thing though - I am a snuggler! I just LOVE laying around with my person and always being close to them. I follow my foster mom everywhere. She takes me for car rides and to work with her. I also love going for walks and meeting other dogs. I do pull a bit on a leash, but if you tell me to heel, I kind of listen, and then I go back to pulling a bit. With some positive reinforcement training we'll fix that! I know how to sit and lie down, sometimes I confuse the two. I like to sleep on the pillow beside my foster mom’s pillow. I usually wait outside the bathroom, unless I am invited in. Same with the couch and bed, I wait to be invited. Sometimes I like to sleep under the bed. My foster mom says I would make a great support dog! #supportwins

About my Behaviour:

I have some separation anxiety, but we're working on crate training so I have a comfortable place to feel safe when my people aren't home. I do need a home with someone who is either home a lot, or willing to slowly work on crate training with my separation anxiety. Another dog in the home could help me feel more comfortable when I am left alone!

How’s my Health?

I'm neutered and vaccinations are up to date!

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