Maiori Beach


Maiori Beach   |   Female   |   House panther (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My mom and siblings were abandoned when my owners moved across country, I was saved by a kind lady who contacted ZARS to take us in.

Date of Birth: April 23, 2020

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown
I’ve met a dog once, It was scary at first but I quickly adjusted to it and didn’t mind as long as it didn’t bark at me.
Good with Cats? Yes
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very playful cat friend or to be adopted with a sibling.
Good with Kids? Unknown
Probably yes, I’m a very gentle girl but do use my claws occasionally.

Critter Twitter:

Hello I’m Maiori also known as Mai! I’m a sweet little girl who is so gentle and as sweet as you can get! I love to stare cutely into your eyes and twist your heart around my little paws, no one can resist my cuteness. I am very relaxed girl who is happy to entertain myself by either watching my sister play or I also love to join in on the excitement of toys and wrestling with my sister. My favorite thing is when I’m on my back and you gently rub my belly, I start purring and will softly nibble on your fingers as I stare at you cutely. I also love to get licks from my the resident cats, I will push my head in their face and beg them to lick me, and they always do because who could resist the cuteness? When it comes to humans I am more of a love-from-afar kitty except when I occasionally get tired and cuddly I like to gently pet my humans face while they hold me. But for the most part I’m not really into being held because there’s too much excitement I could be missing. #sweetheart

About my Behaviour:

I am a very gentle and calm girl for the most part, but absolutely love to follow my sister around and get into whatever shenanigans she has planned for the day. I absolutely love my sister and will follow her around everywhere. I get along with other cats too though, even when the resident kitties are grumpy I always know how to get their love in the end. As mentioned above, I’m more of a love you from a distance kind of girl, but I can be persuaded to get some affection when I’m sleepy or if you’ve been away at work for awhile. You’ll always know I love you by my loving stares I give that will melt your heart. I would love to be adopted with my sister Minori or the home must have a kitty who will love to play and give me affection.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, will have at least 2nd set of shots, microchipped and dewormed. Like most black kitties I look brown because of the tan I get from the sunlight.

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