Mama Cat – Courtesy

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Mama Cat – Courtesy   |   Female   |   Domestic short hair cat   |  

Rescue Story:

My baby and I were found in a gazebo in Evansburg. After being rescued and neutered (ouch!) , I'm ready to explore the world some more with my new pawrent(s)! I enjoys spending time with baby and I have to say we're pretty cute together. That being said, I'm ready to go my separate way if my journey goes that way!

Date of Birth: April 2020

Energy Level: Medium Energy Level.

Size (adult): Medium

Good with Dogs? Yes
I'm currently living with 2 dogs and there have been no incidents.
Good with Cats? Yes
Im still living with my daughter, and my current foster home have their own cats and we've gotten along
Good with Kids? Unknown
I've kept my claws to myself and given no reason to think it would be different around kids

Critter Twitter:

I love when the humans touch me! My motor gets loud, which helps me run away from you when you try to pick me up! Just let me headbutt you and purr please!

Now that I'm done with you, I'm going to go play with the kitten... please ignore any incriminating sounds you may hear.

About my Behaviour:

I'm a very easy going cat and would fit in wherever I go. Just remember, I do take a little bit of time to get adjusted, so please introduce me slowly in my new home!

How’s my Health?

I was spayed early October and didn't experience any complications. I do have a little pulp exposed around my teeth but I haven't experienced any discomfort. If it becomes an issue and I do need some teeth pulled, my new owners will be eligible for Zoe's veterinary rates at one of their partner veterinary clinics

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