Marcus Aries


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Marcus Aries   |   Male   |   Great Pyrenees mix   |  

Rescue Story:

I came to Zoe's to find my forever home.

Date of Birth: Oct 1, 2019

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Large - XL

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
With proper intros, I can get along with some dogs
Good with Cats? No
Sorry no felines allowed in my home.
Good with Kids? Unknown
If any kids, needs to be older than 12 as I jump when excited and can knock over and hurt the little ones

Critter Twitter:

I am a young energetic, playful guy. I just love to play and I am very persistent about it. Though too much playing can cause me to be overstimulated, which I then can get nippy, so you will need to limit how much I play. Instead you can work on tiring me by tiring my brain. I have tried doing some weight pulling and I am pretty good at it. Once you have played, walked and worked my brain, I am ready to relax and cuddle with you, which is my favourite way to end the day. I love the snow, so would make a perfect companion for someone how loves doing activities in the snow. On a side note I am told that I pee like Picasso, now aren’t I talented! 😊

About my Behaviour:

I am housetrained, have not spent much time in a crate, but do well be left to lounge when my family is gone. I am not the greatest fan of other dogs and have told no to some. I will ignore small dogs but go nuts with big dogs. So, I am not sure if I would like another dog in my home. Being a livestock guardian breed, I do like to bark and guard my yard. So, if your neighbours don’t like barking, I am not the dog for you. Maybe a fenced acreage would be perfect for me. Physically and mentally tiring me out has seemed to help with my desire to bark. I am a working dog, so hopefully you will have a job for me to do.

How’s my Health?

I am neutered, microchipped, dewormed and up to date on my vaccinations.
I have golf sized lump in the lower jaw, my vet is not concerned but says to keep an eye on it.

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