Mighty Moose


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Mighty Moose   |   Male   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered to Zoe's to find my forever home.

Date of Birth: December 2017

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Large - X large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I am shy and take a while to warm up to a new dogs
Good with Cats? Yes
I'm still a puppy so I should be able to adapt to most new cats.
Good with Kids? Yes
Older dog savvy children are best as I still bite quite hard when I am excited.

Critter Twitter:

I am told that I am really smart and would love to learn lots of new things. I heard about flyball, agility, and scent detection, and I think I would love to try one or all 3! It will help build my confidence as well as help burn some of my energy, which I have lots of. I am told that keeping my mind active will help with that as well. I love to play fetch. I love food!! Which it great because it helps me to learn, but it also turns me a bit crazy, so teaching me some impulse control will help me with that. I need someone who will help me learn to be brave, learn to share, and will keep not only my body exercised but my mind as well. And will love me to the moon and back!! #justapup #justaverysmartpup

About my Behaviour:

I am a shy puppy, looking for someone that will help me learn that the world is a not a scary place. I am nervous of new dogs especially ones that are excitable, the calmer ones I do much better with. New places are also scary and I become velcro puppy. I have been visiting lots of new places and I even went to a therapy session, where I met lots of new people and they loved petting me, because I am soo soft! This is helping me, but I will need to visit lots of places and meet more new dogs and people. I don’t always like to share my stuff, so I will need continued work to help me learn to share with everyone. I don’t like being home alone, it is pretty scary, but maybe when I get older it won’t be so hard. But for now I would need someone who is home more often than not, or a buddy to hang out with. Puppy classes and positive reinforcement training is a MUST for me.

How’s my Health?

I am neutered, microchipped and dewormed prior to being finalized. Number of vaccines will depend on length in care.

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