Molly Hagen


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Molly Hagen   |   Female   |   Beagle X   |  

Rescue Story:

Through no fault of my own, I came to Zoe’s after being surrendered by my owner. My family had to move from a house to an apartment, and I was struggling with the change. I am quite vocal when my humans leave as well as when my humans come home, and I don’t think my new neighbours appreciated it! I also loved to go outside all the time at my old house, and it was hard for me not to have that freedom any more.

Date of Birth: November 2010

Energy Level: Medium (37lbs)

Size (adult): I am fully grown

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I get along well with my foster brother, an older dog - we pretty much each do our own thing but are cordial, and I tolerate him touching my stuff (except my bones, which are special to me).
Good with Cats? Unknown
With proper introductions, I should get along with kitties just fine.
Good with Kids? Yes
I can paw smaller humans a bit when I am excited so it’s best if I’m given a few minutes to settle down before being allowed to roam freely.

Critter Twitter:

Since coming to my foster family, I spend a lot of time following exploring the yard, running occasional zoomies, and lounging in the sunshine.
I'm such a sweet girl and cried for a long time wondering when my mom was coming back for me, but I was obviously raised with a lot of love because I grew to trust my foster family within the first couple days. Now I like to be my foster mom’s shadow during the day and sleep beside her in my doggy bed at night.
I love to go for walks and to the dog park. If I see my harness I get SO EXCITED. I still pull a bit on the leash when we start out because there is so much to see and do, but once I settle down I’m content to walk closeby.I put myself to bed around 9pm each night and like to laze about until 8-9am in the morning, although if you’re more active I’d be willing to get up with you - I’ll catch up on sleep during one of my many naps.

About my Behaviour:

When I am called, I come running with a big grin and a lolling tongue. I’m pretty great when told to stay as well, although if I lose sight of you I’m going to go ahead and assume I can move again. I can also sit, sit pretty, shake a paw, shake the other paw, and lie down. However, if you ask me to do those tricks in English, I might not understand you because my first language is French! The commands are easy to learn, and I also respond well to tone of voice.
I have some separation anxiety, which I express vocally with my beagle howl. I am ok after a few minutes if my foster mom leaves the room, but I need to let her know that she forgot to take me with her. I haven’t been destructive at all.
I have an excellent sense of smell and follow my nose everywhere. Inside, it means I stand on my hind legs to counter-surf if there’s something yummy up there, but I'm a little too short to reach. However, if I can smell snacks in a lunch bag or purse that have been left at my level, I’m a pretty determined girl and have been known to open zippers! It’s best to have garbage in a cupboard or with a locking lid as well. Outside, I do dig occasionally in dirt or mulch if I’m curious about something I smell, but not obsessively or destructively.
I came from a home where I was allowed on the furniture. I am learning the rules are different with my foster family, so although I might forget and hop up on a bed or the couch, I hop off the second I am told no.

How’s my Health?

I will be spayed, vaccinated, microchipped, and dewormed

I am a bit overweight, so my food and treat consumption will have to be monitored closely. Ideally if I lost 5-7 pounds it would be a lot easier on my joints.

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