Nimbus Tanna


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Nimbus Tanna   |   Female   |   Fluffy Colorpoint (DLH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My mom's owner didn't want to deal with 7 kittens and she was going to throw us in the garbage! A kind lady took us in when we were 6 weeks old to prevent that. Our mom was then abandoned by the owner and Zoe's agreed to take us all in and find us all homes where we will be loved forever.

Date of Birth: December 6, 2023 (est)

Energy Level: Very high

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $225 for me or $350 if you adopt me with a sibling.

Good with Dogs? Very specific dog(s) only
Only calm cat friendly dogs who won't chase me, with proper introductions of course.
Good with Cats? Must have a cat friend
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very playful young cat friend or to be adopted with a sibling.
Good with Kids? Yes
Especially if they are gentle with me.

Critter Twitter:

I am one very stunning colorpoint. I love to play and play. Wrestling with my siblings is my favourite past time and playing chase. I just love to explore! I am an independent little lady who loves to play and do my own thing. I'm just too busy to cuddle right now, sorry. Maybe when I am much older I will be a lap cat, but for now I love exploring and playing. I am your typical happy go lucky kitten with tons of energy who can't wait for my next adventure. #playalldaycuddlesometimes

About my Behaviour:

I must be adopted to a home with a sibling (preferably), or you need another youngish cat friendly cat in the home. I need a kitty playmate and cuddle mate. I would not be happy as an only kitty as I love being around other kitties and only having a senior cat wouldn't work. They would be annoyed by my pestering so you would need to adopt me with a sibling or my mom. I am currently being fostered with Wrenna, Zephyr, and Pippin as well as my mom Mirage.

How’s my Health?

I will be fixed soon. The number of vaccines will depend on length in care. I need to be fed at least one wet food meal a day for hydration. Wet food is very important (and better than dry) for cats as cats fed only dry food are prone to obesity, diabetes and utis.

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