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Rescue Story:

We came to Zoe's after we were weaned in pretty rough shape. We had fur loss and some serious URIs/poop problems going on. Unfortunately it was not great living conditions and we reeked of urine, poop and smoke. We are doing better now and ready for adoption! I was the one they were concerned about the most as I was half the size of the others and very bloated. But as you can see I am doing much better now!

Date of Birth: February 27, 2024

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Small

Adoption Fee: $225 for me or $350 if you adopt me with a sibling.

Good with Dogs? Yes
Only calm cat friendly dogs who won't chase me, with proper introductions of course. I am tiny so gentle dogs only who will give me space.
Good with Cats? Must have a cat friend
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very playful very cat friendly cat friend or to be adopted with a sibling.
Good with Kids? Yes
If gentle, most likely.

Critter Twitter:

I may be half the size of my siblings but I am still one feisty kitten who loves to play and I have a huge zest for life. I may get tired more quickly but it still doesn't mean I don't enjoy wrestling and playing. Once tired I will go to find my foster for some lap cuddle time. I am lovebug who everyone falls in love with and I can't wait to find my forever home. #socute #alienkitten

About my Behaviour:

I would need a home with a sibling (or both) unless you have another very kitten friendly cat buddy for me to play with. One who would be gentle with me as I am quite small and I could get injured during rough play. Of course, I don't take things laying down and I try my best to win all wrestling matches. But I am so itty bitty that it could happen.

I am good with dogs who are calm and pretty much leave me be. Given my small stature it's best any dogs are gentle with me or leave me be.

How’s my Health?

I am vaccinated, micro-chipped and dewormed. Zoe's is waiting until I am bigger to neuter me. The vet was concerned about FIP initially, but since the swollen belly has gone down alot and I am otherwise healthy, it's most likely I don't have it. They still aren't sure the cause of the swollen belly nor my very small size, but I am finally given the all clear to find my forever home! The only thing I was diagnosed with was FeCV which is pretty common in all cats so no biggie. I also do get eye infections that can require treatment. Yah I am bit of a mess, but boy do I give you so much love to make it worth it.

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