Rudolph Deer


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Rudolph Deer   |   Female   |   House panther (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My mom was dumped out in the country and gave birth to us. She was feral but Zoe's agreed to take all us kittens in to find forever homes.

Date of Birth: September 1, 2020

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown
Cat friendly dogs with proper introductions, I might be ok with.
Good with Cats? Yes
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very playful cat friend or to be adopted with Cupid. Preferably with Cupid!
Good with Kids? Unknown
Older kids would be best if any.

Critter Twitter:

Although it is too early to express my full personality, I am the opposite of a cuddly cat for now (except the time when I am too sleepy to play). I am more like a watchful hunter of the house and wouldn't leave any place unexplored. Since I have the big responsibility of being a hunter, I don't have time to rest (other than sleeping), so whenever my foster dad would take me in his lap I will use my entire body strength to jump off the lap and continue to do my job of running around. And sometimes I would mistakenly take human petting me as a way of playing, so will try to catch and bite their hands. I spend most of my day sprinting around the house, attacking every possible prey (like squishy toys, paper balls, corner of cushions). I am very skilled at camouflaging and even sometimes have been successful in fooling humans. However, my favorite time while playing is chasing my sister around and wrestling with her (and I am very good at that since I got a bit stronger than my sister). Like my sister, I also like to play by chasing my sister through a tunnel, paper balls (to play cat soccer), and catching feather toys attached to the end of wand-like toys. I also love my wet food and go crazy whenever it's mealtime. And I usually crave more food more than my sister, since I use up more energy in the sprints and huntings. #sweetie

About my Behaviour:

Whenever I become successful catching small prey, I would sit on my back legs holding the prey with front legs and mouth like a mouse, or if I managed to grab the prey in my mouth I will run around the house holding it in my mouth showing off my victory to my sister and humans. I make a chirp-like sound whenever I need some human attention or trying to find my sister if got lost while playing around. My deal home would be where I can play all day with my sister Cupid since I love her so much. Also, I will need a place with lots of playing equipment (cat tree, scratch post, etc) and attention to practice my acrobatic skills. I am currently not sure if I can handle human kids currently since I play very rough with my sharp claws and teeth. Cupid would prefer a home where someone is home often. Though it's not required I am adopted with her, applications that are willing to adopt us both will be looked at first.

How’s my Health?

I will be spayed, de-wormed, micro-chipped and be up to date on vaccinations. I eat my wet food very fast so I can steal some of my sister's food while my foster dad is not watching. I should never be free fed and a slow feeder would be a good idea.

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