Sahara Spruce


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Sahara Spruce   |   Male   |   Domestic Cuddle Monster (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I was found with a bunch of other kitties it appears we were all dumped out in a field nearby. Sadly none of us had micro-chips or were claimed. We were being taken care of by a nice lady. She couldn't keep us though, and no place else would take us. Thankfully Zoe's was able to step in and take us all to find forever homes.

Date of Birth: August 2019

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown
If cat friendly and not mean, I should be ok with proper introductions.
Good with Cats? Unknown
I am happy as an only kitty. I was a bit shy of the other kitties. I might be ok with super cat friendly cats with proper introductions.
Good with Kids? Unknown
Older kids who would play with me a ton would be great. I have boundless energy!

Critter Twitter:

I'm a kitty who loves my people and wants to show it! I'll rub up against your legs when you get home, watch you with curious eyes as you go about your day, and climb up on the couch for a good cuddle and scritches while you're watching TV. Don't worry about clinginess though — if it's clear that you need some "you" time, I might pout a bit at first, but I'll quiet down after a few minutes and give you your space.

It's okay, I totally get it — I like my own alone time throughout the day too! I love, love love to soak up the sun by large open windows and sprawl out on the floor for a good lounge. If I'm too hot or feel a little overwhelmed, I also like to find cool, dark places to cozy up in for a while. But I'll always be ready to come when you call, especially if food is involved!! I like just about any food you'll put in front of me, especially if it's wet, juicy, and full of chicken and fish!

Lastly: I love to play! I still have my kitten energy, especially in the early evenings. I like to flex my hunter instincts by chasing feather wands and wrestling with kick cushions. If you really get me going, you can get me racing after a feather toy like I'm a runner in an obstacle course! Great for getting me tuckered out enough for a good night's sleep. #sweetie

About my Behaviour:

Be careful: sometimes I might hit you with my claws if I get too excited. Mostly I know when to keep my claws in check, but you may want to help reinforce that so that I don't get in the habit of accidentally swatting people. I can get overwhelmed with large number of people and animals. So maybe a family of no more then 4, and only 1-2 other pets max. I would be just fine as an only cat as well, if you are able to tire me out. I can be shy of new cats, so it would have to be slow introductions to very cat friendly cats. I'm a typical teenage kitty who can get into trouble if some things are left out. But for the most part, I am a really cool cat.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I do prefer large uncovered litter boxes only. I like to have some space while I am using the rest room.

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