T.S. Branz (Partner post)


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T.S. Branz (Partner post)   |   Male   |   Domestic cutie (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I am one of many kittens in need of a forever home. Well one of 14 in a home who need a new forever home as my caretaker is overrun with kitties! It's what happens when you have too big of a heart us kitties flock to you. Zoe's took in quite a few but only had so many open foster homes. They had to put my brother A.J and I as partner posts to hopefully get us adopted so we aren't in limbo waiting for a foster home and can just go straight to our forever home(s)! That would be so nice!

Date of Birth: August/September 2020

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown
Never met one, so not sure.
Good with Cats? Yes
I would love other cats in the home! Only ones who would be my bestie please as otherwise I will be sad. Or A.J can be adopted with me if you have no other cats.
Good with Kids? Unknown
If gentle, most likely.

Critter Twitter:

I am one sweet very needy boy who loves cuddles and play time. I am a shoulder cat, a lap cat, a leg cat, basically whatever body part I can be on, I am on. I am a very sweet boy you will fall madly in love with! #sweetie

About my Behaviour:

I must be adopted to a home with other cat friendly cats or with A.J as I am far too needy to be on my own and I love them. I am a velcro kitten so if you like personal space or are too busy for lots of cuddle time I am not the kitten for you sorry. A.J would be though. Never met dogs and kids, so not sure how I would be. Kids maybe since I am so sweet.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I love raw meat and would love to be fed a balanced raw diet if possible. There are some aafco balanced brands (Primal, Instinct, Stella and Chewys) or you can get a custom raw recipe made from a feline nutritionist. I should be fed separately from other cats as I can be a bit of an aggressive eater. I am currently living in the countryside 2 hours away from Edmonton. But, I will be getting neutered on the 29th and can be picked up from the vet after my neuter saving you a long drive! My adoption fee is $170 as I am an older kitten.

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