Watermelon Fruit


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Watermelon Fruit   |   Female   |   Shepherd X   |  

Rescue Story:

I was rescued by Zoe's and was able to have all of my babies in a safe, loving environment #forevergrateful

Date of Birth: approximately 1-2 years old

Energy Level: medium/high

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
Proper introductions between dogs is always important 🙂
Good with Cats? Yes

Good with Kids? Yes

Critter Twitter:

Hello there! I bet you have just been looking at profiles for 8 adorable puppies with the last name of Fruit. Well - those are all my babies!! And really, I am just a baby myself. I have been an awesome mama, and now ready to send them out in to the big wide world with loving families, and I am looking for my new people too 🙂

Let me tell you a little about me! I am very affectionate, and I love to be around people. I do love to run and play with other dogs too! I love walks, and am working on my leash skills 🙂 I know to "sit" to say please, and am working on "down". I can be a bit nervous in new environments, like with loud noises, etc. I'm getting used to being an inside dog though 🙂 To help build my confidence, it would be awesome if we could take some classes with a force free trainer. Check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for some great trainers that Zoe's recommends! This will be a perfect opportunity for us to bond, have some fun, and learn so much!

About my Behaviour:

I'm learning what it means to be an "inside dog" - gotta say - so far I'm loving it.

I'm not crate trained yet - perhaps this is something we could work on together, as I hear people say all the time that it is such a safe, secure place that dogs can call their own, and I would really like that!

How’s my Health?

I will be spayed, microchipped, dewormed and have my first set of vaccinations before I'm adopted!

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