Willow LaSash


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Willow LaSash   |   Female   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I came into Zoe’s care to have my puppies. Now that those eight landsharks are ready to find furever homes, I am too. Maybe it’s with you!

Date of Birth: 2018

Energy Level: High - I'm like a big puppy!

Size (adult): Medium to Large - I came into care very skinny. My foster parents are working to fatten me up to my ideal weight. I’m currently 50 pounds, but I will likely gain some more weight, not get any taller though.

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I enjoy meeting and playing with other dogs. I live with my foster brother, and we get along well. I’d enjoy a home with another confident dog to play with and learn from, one who will help me expend some of my energy (but it’s not a requirement).
Good with Cats? Unknown
I haven’t met any cats since I’ve been in my foster home, but I’m very interested in small creatures that run — rabbits, squirrels, birds — so I may be overly interested in cats.
Good with Kids? Yes
I love people! In my great enthusiasm for their attention and affection, I sometimes paw, nip, and chew. I’m very strong, so sometimes that can hurt. I am working on this in my training, but I would do best in a home with older children (10+) or only adults.

Critter Twitter:

People tell me I’m beautiful all the time… and that’s because I’m beautiful inside and out. I love cuddling, following you around, laying at your feet. My foster mom says I have two sides (and she gave me a nickname for each): Chillow and Willful. I am house trained even though I lived my whole life outside and was used to going to the bathroom outdoors. I have never had an accident in my foster home. I am working hard on my crate training with my foster family. We are just getting started, but I am usually pretty good with it and I am learning to sleep there at night.
I’m a sweet and loving girl… and I look forward to loving you soon! Apply to adopt me today! #loveme#awesomegirl

About my Behaviour:

I love people so much that sometimes I have trouble when they leave, but I’m working on my confidence and self-soothing in my crate. I am also learning basic commands like sit and down.
I’m strong and strong-willed. When I decide I want something, I will work hard to get it, and I can be very clever in accomplishing my goals. I can be a bit of an escape artist, but I don’t usually go far… I am just so curious about the world around me. I will need a fenced yard. Because of my past, I’m very food motivated, but I don’t show any resource guarding. You’ll have to keep an eye on where you leave food, though. I do love to steal a good shoe now and then, too! I am working on this car-ride thing. So far, I don’t love them and I get a bit overworked, but with practice, I will probably settle in. I was an outdoor dog, so I’m learning to live in a home with people. I like to bark in the yard and out the window at all the interesting things. I would do well at an acreage where I can spend hours outside — until it’s time to come inside and cuddle — but a city home would be great, too. I learn quickly, so I can’t wait to work with you to become a girl who is as well behaved as I am beautiful.
As a condition of adoption, we need to go to school together! Check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for some great trainers that Zoe's recommends! This will be a perfect opportunity for us to bond, have some fun, and learn so much! Socializing is so important for young dogs like me, and these classes will help me to be the best mannered pup I can be 🙂

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, de-wormed, and up to date on my vaccinations. I recently recovered from kennel cough, some ear irritation, and some skin issues, but I’m as good as new.

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