Zoey (Courtesy post)

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Zoey (Courtesy post)   |   Female   |   Border Collie X   |  

Rescue Story:

I was a scared and sick little girl when I was rescued by my foster Mom & Dad 9 months ago. I felt that everyone was going to hurt me, and I was very thin and malnourished. I didn’t have a chip, tag or a tattoo and my foster foster parents couldn't find my previous owners. I'm now looking for my forever home!

Date of Birth: 2015

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
Although I am used to my much bigger foster sibling and we do play together, we sometimes get snarly with each other because I nip at his back legs. I do get jealous of him sometimes as well. I am aggressive toward other dogs as I feel they are a threat to my family.
Good with Cats? No
I sometimes get jealous of the cat too, and I get snarly when she comes to my foster mom for loves – darn cat!
Good with Kids? Yes
Older kids only, please. I have foster teenagers in my family! I love them so much, love playing fetch with them and getting belly rubs.

Critter Twitter:

I am a very smart, affectionate girl. If you were to choose me to be a part of your furever family, please remember that I still get scared so you will need to be patient with me and use non-forceful approaches to teaching me new things. I promise I will cuddle with you (but only on my terms for now). If you’re willing to learn with me, I will listen well (most of the time) and I will keep trying really hard to learn new things (I’m really smart and I love to please foster Mom and Dad so it will be easy if you help me). I will keep you alert to intruders the best I can by raising the alarm when someone walks by. I’m not 100% sure of my voice and when it’s best to use - so maybe we can continue to learn that together.

About my Behaviour:

I sometimes get jealous when other animals are loving my family, but I’m learning lots of new things in my foster home. I’m not as afraid, I know the basic commands, and I can now go out on a leash without being scared. I love walks but still need some direction because when I see other dogs I think they’re going to hurt my family. I do best with a chest lead harness because then I don’t pull. I used to go to the off-leash area but recently have become more protective of my mom – I don’t like other dogs coming near her and get very upset at them. If you wanted to take me to an off leash park I would need to do more work/training first. I am house trained and sit at the back door to have my paws wiped when I come in. I get along with bigger people. Some smaller people are more unpredictable and I just don’t know how to act without getting a little pushy and excited – mostly for affection. I would much prefer if I were in a grown-up home to help me always feel safe and secure. If I do need to spend some time around small people please remember to always keep an eye on me and make sure I feel safe. I am very loyal to my family. My foster Mom & Dad know in their heart that if I were to find the right furever home I would be an amazing girl and have unconditional love.

There’s so much more I would like to tell you about myself, but I don’t type very fast, so maybe ask my foster mom and dad to tell you more if you’re interested. They seem to be proud of me so far, and they love me lots. They would love for me to stay with them, but they recognize that I have a special personality because of my past, and that in a different furever home I could be less stressed and not feel like I have to compete to be the most loved and loving 4-legged family member.

How’s my Health?

I am healthy again, up in weight and spayed. I also got my first set of vaccinations. I still need boosters and to be chipped with my furever home information.

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