Five Tips for a Successful Adoption Application

We get a high volume of applications for some dogs and cats. The interest in great! But it also means we sometimes have to pass on wonderful homes. Our choices are based on each individual animal: their temperament, energy level, health, behaviour, likes, dislikes, and reactions we’ve noted during their foster care. We try to match every pet with the best possible home for its needs. Zoe’s Animal Rescue has a 4% return rate – one of the lowest in Canada – and it’s because of our commitment to ensuring every pet finds his or her purrrfect fur-ever home.

We’ve put together a list of five tips to increase your chances of being selected for a meet and greet:

  1. Fill out the adoption application entirely. Be free with information and elaborate where possible! If we have two applications for the same dog or cat and one is missing some answers or has one-word answers, we are going to be inclined to go with the one with the most information first. 
  2. Read the animal’s profile on the website and apply for animals that you are a match with. For example, if the profile says the animal is not good with cats and you have a cat, that is not the best fit for you or the animal. But if you have a separate area for the cat or a plan to keep the two apart, please let us know in your application! 
  3. Go to adoption events and meet our volunteers! It can be hard to get a sense of who someone is when reading their responses to the application questions. When we have a face and personality to put to a name, we feel like we know you. That will add weight to your application. 
  4. Apply for animals who have been in care for a while. Puppies, kittens, and other charismatic animals tend to get lots of applications and we might lose your application in the mix. Consider applying for one of our adult or senior companions who have been on the website for a bit. You might be surprised at how quickly you form a bond with them, and you probably won’t miss getting up at 3 a.m. to let a puppy out for a pee break. 
  5. Apply to foster or volunteer with us! You automatically have a leg up when you’re part of the team. We know you, know you are committed and trust you already! Plus you’ll know just who to bribe with cookies.

If you’ve submitted an application in the past and haven’t been chosen, don’t take it personally. Keep trying until you find your match. Your fluffy soulmate is waiting!